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Learn more Utility Audit Refund
Affiliate Program Details :
  • All States, All Utilities to include Electric, Gas, Water, Phone, Sewage and Internet we go back 3 years and audit the utilities to find money that was overcharged.
  • Promotional Brochure for marketing material
  • Leads to start, target any industry and State.
  • Calling and Email scripts available for phone calls and email marketing
  • Commission chart to see what you can make for money
  • F. A. Q. Favorite Asked Questions from customers
  • Affiliate Tools
    • CRM - help you manage and follow up with your leads and accounts
    • E-Fax Service receive several faxes at onetime
    • Phone Number with voice mail forwards to any phone
    • Website - www.apowercompany.net/(Your ID)


Utility Refund
A Power Company
$100,000,000 Refund
$10,000,000 Refund
$1,000,000 Refund
$100,000 Refund
$10,000 Refund
$1,000 Refund
BLUE = Total Refund
RED = A Power Company


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Utility Audit Program Details

Work in the Utility Industry Audit Utility Bills, find moneys that were over charged, we can go back up to 3 years in the past to recover over charges from the local utility company. The utility company will issue a check or refund 30-45 days after auditing the electricity, gas, water, phone, Internet, sewage and data.

Background - Our auditing team has over 30 years of combined experience performing audits. They have performed audits in 48 states, as well as in Mexico and Canada, and within virtually every type of industry. All audits are performed by an experienced auditing team- we do not use software programs to target the low hanging fruit in order to cut costs and hedge risk. Our audits are quality driven in order to provide maximum refunds.

We strive to build strong client relationships; our reputation and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our mission is to obtain refunds for any and all errors and billing discrepancies, while eliminating any unnecessary charges to ensure our client's utility invoices will be 100% accurate and efficient.

Our ability to produce effective, direct, and valid documentation on our findings has created a level of professionalism viewed by the utility commissions across the nation. As a result, we have obtained 100% of the proposed refunds, future credits, and savings from suppliers and providers without the need of legal action or client involvement beyond normal means. Our known level of professionalism has created a faster response from the suppliers and providers which leads to superior customer satisfaction

Client Services
- Whether a client has one location or several nationwide we have experience working with clients from every type of industry and geographical location. Utilities Refund works with clients on a national basis in myriad of industries. Our clientele includes, but is not limited to, manufacturing plants, restaurant chains, hotels, cold storage facilities, office complexes, municipalities, educational facilities, sport stadiums, and banks. A Power Company will not impede on any service that the affiliate is currently servicing or intends to service the client with.

Utility Refund will however, "obtain the money owed to your client, as well as, identify the monthly reoccurring charges they do not need to owe." We do so by reviewing the following areas of the bill:

* Gas & Electric - Tariff analysis, equipment charges, removal and correction of meter errors, demand errors, rate structures, and unnecessary minimum charges
* Telecommunications - Audit of all local, long distance, wireless, data, and Internet charges, evaluation of the cost effectiveness of line charges, usage charges, and feature packages
* Water - Accurate meter reads, sewer charges, rate schedules, and hazardous surcharge evaluation.

Audit Distribution - A Power Company permits affiliates the right to distribute our telecom/utility auditing service. Affiliates will be able to incorporate auditing services within their current line of offerings without incurring any financial risk or capital investment. We will exclude any services the affiliate is already providing the client from the audit upon the affiliate's request. Our team of auditors and professionals will provide audits to the affiliate in order to:

* Satisfy their client's utility bill verification needs
* Strengthen the current and future client relationships
* Add a new stream of revenue to their business model
* Differentiate themselves from the competition
* Add a value added service without adding financial risk, overhead, investments, or any additional costs, a true turnkey service offering

Affiliate Project Mission and Goal - The goal is to strengthen customer relationships for the affiliate and add an additional revenue
stream to your organization.

How will an audit strengthen client relationships?

* Auditors work with the client to obtain refunds and true cost savings from their suppliers and providers. By working on the same common goal as the client, there becomes an added level of trust.
* The value added from a utility/telecom audit illustrates to the client that your organization is putting forth a more conscious effort in finding areas where they can cut costs.
* Compensation structure forces auditors to be focused purely on lowering costs, eliminating errors, and assuring the maximum efficiency within the utility/telecom added services.
* Clients will view affiliate as an outside auditing department similar to an outside marketing dept., CPA's, and other outsourced services. The affiliate will better understand the client's needs and be able to service them in a variety of areas, in comparison to being viewed as a supplier who comes around once a year.

Benefits for Affiliate's Client

* Provide a purely contingency based service that adds true and uncontested savings directly to their bottom line.
* Audits are performed without the involvement of the client's staff, thereby allowing employees to focus their time on their core responsibility within the organization.
* Educating the firm's staff on available cost savings and areas prone to errors.
* Monthly bill monitoring for one year after contract, then on a month-month basis thereafter. There is no extra charge for this, monthly monitoring is to assure errors have been removed and that future cost savings will be immediately taken advantage of.

By adding Utility refund audits to a current service line, the added value will increase consumer loyalty and strengthen client relationships. Invoice audits are presented to the customer through the same means of any outsourced services, such as a CPA verifying financial information. As a result, an increase in the level of trust leads to the strengthening of the relationship.

Advantages of Incorporating Audits - Obtain competitive advantage- As more states deregulate energy, there will be an increase in energy brokers/aggregators. There is an average of 90 licensed energy brokers/aggregators in each deregulated state. In order to better service your clients and gain a competitive advantage, affiliates can offer audits as a quality service that will help differentiate your business and help get you in the door faster.

Risk Management - Auditor takes financial risk with each audit. There is a 20-30% chance that we will not find any refunds or monthly reductions within the client's utility invoices. We take full responsibility of paying the auditing team and incur any other costs or fees associated with the audit.

Focus On Core Activities - In rapid growth periods, the back-office operations of a company will expand. This expansion may start to consume resources (human and financial) at the expense of the core activities that have made your company successful. Outsourcing these auditing activities will allow the affiliate to refocus on those business activities that are important without sacrificing quality or service in the administrative functions. The affiliate program is designed to be a turn-key operation to allow the affiliate to immediately sell, service, and profit from utility/telecom audits without any risk, additional overhead, or investment.

Incorporating the Service - Affiliates can add the service in a variety of ways:
* Incorporate the service into the initial sales pitch
* Make the service a part of a current client process model
* Advertise the service within marketing materials or current streams of media

How to incorporate audits in your current energy service offerings - There are three potential ways to generate cost savings within a utility bill:

Reduce Your Cost Per Unit - Switch energy Suppliers (Pay less for what you use)

Reduce Your Demand - Install energy saving/reduction products such as retrofit lighting, energy capacitors, etc. (Reduce how much you need to consume).

Recapture & Remove Error Charges - Directly add to your bottom-line by obtaining a refund on past overcharges, errors, and billing discrepancies. Remove unecessary reoccurring monthly charges and consolidate supplier services (Utility Refund Auditing).


Referral Process - Affiliates will be provided with marketing material to help educate prospects on our auditing service. Auditors are willing to meet face to face or speak over a conference call with the client to provide them with sample client reports, a proposal, and to answer questions. The affiliate may refer the client through the following means:

1. Refer contact information from a current customer or lead to A Power Company after mentioning our service to the prospect. The auditors will then arrange an appointment to meet the client and perform the sale, as well as obtain any necessary information.

2. Affiliate can schedule an appointment or conference call with the client and an auditor will perform the sale, as well as, obtain any necessary information. (Sample call scripts are available in backoffice)

How to Get Started - A Utility refund representative will perform the sale on behalf of the referring partner and/or accompany them in a client meeting. The goal of the meeting is to provide the client with information, answer any questions, and present the agreement. Once an agreement has been made with the client and its team will complete the audit process (outlined below).

Turnkey auditing model is designed so that a referring partner can immediately incorporate utility/telecom auditing into their service offerings. The referring partner can focus on referring clients and not get tangled up in any of the backend work. Staff and auditing team is equipped to handle any speed at which the referring partner can refer clients. As a result, there are no limits on how much, or fast, a referring partner can profit from adding the service to their model!

Potential Prospects - It is no more difficult to sign a client who spends $1,000,000 annually on its telecommunications and utility services than it is to sign one who spends $50,000 per year. In fact, it is likely easier because the bigger the expense, the more likely a company is to be interested in verifying the accuracy of the invoices. The best utility audit prospects would be those that have multiple shifts such as restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, mini marts, hospitals, manufacturers, etc. Any type of organization is a prospect for a telecom audit; although those whose services have been with the same carrier for a long time will be the best candidates.

We ask that a single client have a minimum of $100,000 in utility/telecom expenses a year. If a client has multiple locations, combine the locations to estimate their usage. During the initial meeting with the client we will verify if they spend enough annually to have an audit performed.

Affiliate Process - When the affiliate contacts a prospect or current client, it is best to not discuss our 50% rate during this process. If a client asks what our percent/rate is, our reps will explain to the client that we would prefer to sit down with the client in order to further assess their situation before quoting rates. The goal is to schedule a time to meet with the person in charge of controlling costs, typically the CFO or controller, and present the full presentation.

During the meeting an Utility Refund representative will answer questions and present an audit proposal to the client. If the client is ready to move forward, the one page contract will be presented, as well as, a welcome kit. In the welcome kit, the client may exclude any billing issues they are currently working on.

Utility Refund Auditors will then complete the following:
* Obtain bill copies. They can be obtained during the meeting or another time can be scheduled to pick them up. The bills can be obtained from the supplier, however many suppliers have restrictions on how many months they will provide. Typically, we ask for up to 36 months, however, we can obtain most information from the supplier.
* Letter of authorizations will be sent to the client to be signed so we can communicate with the supplier.
* The audit will take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete.
* The client will be updated during the audit of our progress and findings.
* The client will be presented with a summary report at the end of the audit. We will need written approval from the client to implement any of our recommendations.
* We will send a summary report of the findings to the referring partner for their record.
* We will invoice the client once the supplier sends any refunds. The client will be invoiced on a monthly basis for any future credits/savings based on the term of the contract.
* We will compensate to the referring partner within 15 days from when A Power Company receives the client's payment.
* We will monitor the client's bills for one year through an online portal and on a month to month basis thereafter to ensure all recommendations have been implemented.

Affiliate Compensation - Compensation will be paid to the referring partner when A Power Company receives payment from the client as followed:

Refunds - Refunds are obtained in lump sums. The affiliate will be compensated a percentage of the refunds received by A Power Company

Monthly Reductions- Utility Refund Auditors will invoice the client on a monthly basis for the contracted term and will compensate the referring partner a percentage of the monthly reduction received by A Power Company.

* Utility Refund Auditors invoices the client at approximately the same time as their current utility billing cycle, therefore, the client is only invoiced after they received the refund and/or monthly reduction.

Example Commission Total Utility Refund $100,000.
A Power Company $25,000.
Representative $12,500.


Why do we need a Utility and Telecom audit?
Our experience shows that in approximately 80% of our audits we identify errors and/or overcharges. They are insidious in nature in that even if the amount is small, it will likely continue for years to come. Many or most errors and overcharges are either refundable or are subject to a 36-48 month statute of limitations. Errors found beyond the statute of limitation can not be recovered; therefore, every month that passes is another month of potential refunds lost.

How much can we expect you to find?

Frankly, we have no way of knowing. Typically the results are anywhere from 0% to 5%, 10% or more. Keep in mind that about 20% of the time we verify that your billings are correct and cost efficient. This is the best news we can bring to you. Our mission is to verify the accuracy of utility and telecom invoices as we serve the same function as your outside financial firm who verifies the accuracy of your financial statements.

How are you paid?
We are paid on a contingency basis, which means that if we find nothing, we are paid nothing. We know that this will occur in about 20% of our audits. This is a financial risk which we assume, as our auditors must be paid for their work, regardless of whether or not we have earned a fee. We have designed our compensation and fee structure so that, on the average, it is fair to our clients and fair to us.

What is our involvement?
You will provide a copy of your invoices and a letter of agency which authorizes us to correspond with your service providers and to access your customer service records. We will use these documents to verify the accuracy of the invoices. Our audit work is done off site, in our offices and does not involve your people. We will ask for a point of contact within your organization which is qualified to answer any questions which may arise during the audit process.

What is the downside?
Of course as we see it, and as our many clients will attest, there is no downside. We partner with our clients where our interests are completely aligned with theirs, we do the work, and we take the financial risk.



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